Monday, July 27, 2009

Le Tour

Even though the tour de france is over i found this video while browsing the specialized site and thought it was hilarious.



Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catching up on Things

Sorry for not posting in a while I've been busy with things lately. Here's is the latest updates for the club.
This past weekend we had nine fun2triers race at the 9th annual Loyalist's Kids of Steel Triathlon, run by race director Clive Morgan, whose race is one of the best run in the province (thanks Clive). Everyone put out a great effort even though the conditions were not ideal. That effort paid off as everyone in the club had a great race with great results. We once again managed to pink the podium in all but one age group. Congrats to our first place finishers, Sasha (14-15 girls), Myles (14-15 boys), Lauren (12-13 girls), Aidan (12-13 boys), and Nolan (10-11 boys). We also had some even more gutsy performances by our second and third place finishers Kyle (second, 14-15 boys) and Connor (third, 10-11 boys). More solid performances were put in by Ellen, who finished fourth by just 4 seconds, and Andrew, who looked great in the swim, bike, and run to finish ninth. In all we had seven top 3 finishes, eight top five finishes and nine athletes in the top 10. that's 100% top ten finishes. Now what can you say about that? Wow. Keep up the great work guys.
PS. Congrats to all our fun2triers who competed at the Junior LC Provincial Swimming Championships. Its no doubt that our athletes our always some of the first out of the water in tri's.