Wednesday, June 23, 2010

14+ Camp is Full

I justed wanted to post that the triathlon summer camp for those aged 14 and older is full. Coach Jay Johnson and I are looking forward to a great week of training with a great group of athletes.

There are still spots available in the 11-13 camp. If you know of any young triathletes who would like a week of fun-filled training, please email me at

Good luck to all the athletes travelling to Coteau de Lac this weekend. Have a great race.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thanks to the Phantom Blogger

I think it must be a generation thing but I am always forgetting to post. This morning I have a bit of time before a conference call so I thought I should go on and post a very late race report from Caledon. Low and behold there is already a post about the race. Thank you to the phantom blogger.

I also want to mention that our camps are filling up. We have a few spots left in both the 11-13 camp and the 14 and older camp. If you know anyone who would like to attend, please send me an email at

Have a great day.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Late Race Report

Sorry for the extreme delay on the race report but here it is. To begin, congratulations to all the athletes on a job well done. You all raced your hardest and it paid off. To make the day even better, we had sun all day in Caledon and it sure seemed to help our athletes. To start off the day our junior's kicked things off with a bang, with Sasha Boulton placing 1st and Alana Ziabroski placing third. In our 14-15 catagory the boys were almost successful in 'pinking the podium' with Myles Zagar placing 1st, Aidan Zagar 2nd and Ben Staples in 4th. Not to be forgotten are Kyle Haas in 5th and Chalmers McAllister in 16th. On the girls side we had Paige Hall putting out a great effort in second and Elise Huet placing 7th. Moving down the age groups we had our 12-13 year olds put out some good work as the heat started to rise. Nolan Haas raced to a tremendous 3rd place finish in a tough field on the boys side while on the girls side Ellen Zagar was just sqeezed off the podium to make a 5th place finish along with her schoolmate Ginny McAllister who raced well to 13th place. And lets not forget a great performance by Nicole de St. Croix who worked her way into 23rd spot. Racing in some of the hottest conditions the day offered our young 10-11s had a great day. To start with the boys, Connor Beals finished in 2nd place followed by teammates Andrew Beals and Evan Davidson in 5th and 9th respectivley. Thanks to Barrie Shepley and C3 for putting on an amazing race once again and to any names we have forgotten, extemely sorry and we will check the results again.

Coach Lorri
PS. On another note, we had 2 athletes race at the Ofsaa track and field championships. Congrats to Kelsey Saunders and Myles Zagar on some tough performances. Also, on the middle school side of things, fun2triers raced well at the cross country championships. We had some stunning performances by Aidan Zagar, Ben Staples, Ellen Zagar, Paige Hall, Ginny McAllister, and Gillian Newton. A few weeks later some of these athletes competed at the middle school track championships and continued their great performances there. Next up on our racing lists, we have some of our older athletes vieing for spots at the Ontario Summer Games next weekend at the Guelph Lake Sprint Triathlon. The next weekend, some of our other athletes will be traveling to Quebec to race draft legal events at Coteau Du Lac Triathlon. Good luck to everyone and we will see you at training and the races.