Monday, August 20, 2012

Crazy Weekend

So, after not posting for the better part of the year, following this weekends success seems like a good time to start. For nine of our fun2tri athletes, this weekend served as their championship race, whether it be the Ontario Summer Games or Junior Nationals. Lets start with OSG, seeing as seven of our nine athletes that raced were competing there. With the strongest team of any club at the race, fun2tri definately rose to the occasion with some outstanding performances. Beginning things off with our two ladies, in her first season with fun2tri, Natalie Stacey ran her way into a solid top 15 placing in 12th. Joining Natalie was fellow teammate Emma Barrett, who had a superb race, winning the silver medal! On the guys side, Chalmers McAllister put in one of his strongest performances of the year, rounding out the top twenty in the mens race. Shaun Hancyz lead out of the water, and after some trouble at the mount line, hung on for a top 15 finish in 12th. Ahead of him, Ben Staples put in an incredibly gutsy performance, cracking the top 10 in 9th place. Then, using some great tactics on the run, Willem Quosai rose to the occasion, rounding out the mens medal placing in 3rd. And last, but certaintly not least, Aidan Zagar showed he was the best in Ontario, taking the lead on the bike, and not relinquishing it all the way to the line. Overall, not only did our club have the most athletes qualified, we won 50% of the medals available. Fantastic job by everyone, all your hard work has paid off. Switching gears now, and moving all the way to the other side of the country, Junior Nationals was taking place in Kelowna, BC and we had 2 fun2triers taking part. In the girls race, Sasha Boulton finished her last race as a fun2tri athlete with a top 15 performance, finishing 12th, which seemed to be a common finishing number for fun2tri athletes this weekend. In the mens race, Myles Zagar just missed cracking the top 10, finishing 11th in the country. Congratulations to both athletes, and good luck to Sasha as she leaves fun2tri as our first "club graduate", going to train in Guelph as part of the RTC. Moving forward now, most of fun2tri is done for the summer, and our athletes will be focusing on getting back into their swim season and cross country seasons as school starts back up. Thanks for a great season everyone.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy New Year

ok so it seems ironic that the last time there was a post on the blog was on the second day of a new month and this time it is the second day of the second month in the new year. And with the new year comes a new season that everyone at fun2tri is excited about. Some of the things we can look forward to this season are:

- Ontario Summer Games

- Teck Junior Series

- Ontario Provincials

- 2013 Canada Games Test Race in Magog

So thats a lot of stuff that is going to take some hard work. Starting with Ontario Summer Games fun2tri is hoping to get as many athletes as possible on the start line this august. Since we have the reining female champion and male finalist we should be able to have some strong performances.

This season also marks the beginning of the junior careers for some more of our athletes and hopefully we will see them racing in some of the national junior series races over the course of the summer to get some great experience against some strong fields.

And once again Triathlon Ontario is hosting provincials in Ottawa. fun2tri saw some great racing in the U15 category so hopefully that will repeated as well. And only a week after that the junior series is stopping in Magog, QC and that course will most likely be used for the Canada Summer Games next year, and fun2tri is hoping to get some of our athletes on that team in 2013.

But of course this won't come without some hard work. Thanks to the Staples family for providing us with some space for our weekly trainer rides which are up and rolling about twice a week now. Most of the team is also spending some solid time in the pool, so hopefully we can bust out the running shoes soon and by race time we will be all set to have some great performances and pink the podium in the process.