Thursday, August 14, 2008

Been gone so long...

It has been a long time since an update. I feel like I have been away for so long. I am in Whistler right now, leaving for Vancouver in a few hours. I wanted to wish all the fun2tiers who are racing in Orillia all the best. Have fun, go fast, no blood (that means you Kyle aka Mr. Roadrash). Please take some pics for me to post.

Congrats to those who raced Barrie KOS. Great job! Special mention of Trisha's performance - 1st place in the 8-9 category (fastest bike split too).

While in Wawa this past week, fun2 tri went on the road and we did a triathlon clinic the day before the Wawa triathlon. Good time was had by all - and hopefully some learning too. At the Wawa tri, fun2tri was well represented. Congrats to Josh, Julia and Ellen on their performances in the individual race and Aidan in the team race. Even coach Lorri participated on a team with niece Andrea doing the swim and brother in law John doing the run. Despite not having my new bike I did survive.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Myles and Kyle working on some bike skills.

Now Kyle.

oooooooo, so close. Maybe next time Kyle.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back from Camp

This report on the Loyalist KOS race is a bit late as I was at the OAT triathlon camp in Collingwood all week. Camp was amazing - anyone wanting a fun filled, tri-packed week should consider it next year.

On to Loyalist... Eight fun2triers travelled to Amherstview for the race. All of the athletes did a great job on a hot day in the sun. Results included: Sasha (3rd, 14-15), Myles (1st, 12-13), Kyle (3rd, 12-13), Ben (8th, 12-13), Lauren (8th, 12-13), Ellen (8th, 10-11), Connor (1st, 8-9), Andrew (11th, 8-9)

As usual at Loyalist, the post race action (food and prizes) was almost as good as the racing. A huge round of applause and thank-you to race director Clive Morgan on putting on this event. See you next year.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Pink on the Podium

Congratulation to Kyle on winning the 12-13 age group at the Huronia KOS race on Sunday. This is Kyles' first (but definitely not his last) win. All your hard work is paying off!!

Congrats to Nolan too on his 4th place finish. If a little chain problem hadn't occurred there may have been more pink on the podium. Keep working Nolan, it is going to happen.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bits and Bites

Just a quick note to say great job at practice on Thursday. I am so impressed with everyone's willingness to work really hard - and still have smiles on your faces. Great job!

Kyles and Nolan are off to the Huronia KOS race. Have a great race guys!!

Then Sasha, Kyle, Ben and Myles and Aidan (after swim Provincials) are off to tri camp. Have fun, learn lots and bring back some fun stories.

P.S. Provincial swimming is going well for Myles and Aidan. Myles posted a best time in the 400IM yesterday and Aidan posted a best time in the 200 free. Congratulations!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!!

Just a quick note to say Happy Canada Day. We often read in the press how short changed our Canadian athletes are in terms of funding, facilities and support. And that is probably true. But today, take a minute or two and think about how lucky we are to be Canadian and all the great things that we have because we are Canadian. Enjoy your day and keep dreaming about hoisting the Maple Leaf at some point in your life.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nutrition Quiz

Aidan, Myles and Sasha enjoying their post race meal in Lindsay.

Here are the 11 foods that Denis Collier said swimmers should eat:
blueberries, tomatoes, watermelon, salmon, all bran cereal, soy milk, lentils/beans, spinach (matey!!), sweet potatoes, probiotic yogurt and whole grain/whole wheat bread. I'm sure they are good for triathletes too.
Apparently, the watermelon is great at swim meets as a quick fuel between races. It might be a good option for those triathlons where you have to put your bike in transition early but then don't race for a couple of hours. As with any food or energy drink, try it well ahead of race day so that you don't have any tummy surprises.

How many of the 11 foods made it to the post-race table in Lindsay?

Great Weekend of Racing

Congratulations to the fun2triers who raced this weekend. Kyle placed 2nd in the 12-13 age group and Nolan placed 4th in the 10-11 age group at the Healing Cycle Kids4Kids Triathlon in Mississauga.

Sasha's great form in Lindsay.

At the Lindsay KOS, Sasha led wire to wire to place on the top of the podium in the 14-15 age group while Myles placed 1st and Aidan placed 3rd in the 12-13 category.

All the hard work you have been doing is paying off. Be proud of yourselves.

See you Thursday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Race reports and a quiz

Congrats to those fun2triers who raced at the Newmarket Cycling race on the weekend. Great results in both the timetrial and the road race. In the GC, Jessica placed 1st in the squirt girls, Aidan was 4th, Ben 6th and Jordan E. 15th in the peewee boys and Jade came 3rd in the minime girls. This is a great way to polish those cycling skills and to get used to riding in a pack. Great job! Jordan T - hope the road rash is healing - since you are at soccer now, you missed my speech last week about how I don't like blood - please, no more blood!!

Other fun2triers produced some fast swim times at Central Regions. Special mention goes to Sasha as she posted best times for all her events including the 200 free final on Sunday night. "Closest call" award goes to Myles who missed his provincial 800 free time by 0.33 seconds. Don't worry, you'll get it in Thunder Bay.

And now the quiz... Last month the Dorado Stars hosted a nutrition seminar. The speaker , Denis Collier, listed 11 foods that swimmers should eat. How many can you come up with? I'll post the answers at the end of the week. Dorado kids, how many have you actually eaten in the past month?

See you Thursday.
PS Only one more week of school. YIPEEE! (no more lunches to make for 2 months)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back to Training

It seems like a long time since the group has met (thunderstorms tend to be disruptive on many levels). However, we are back on track tonight. Some members will not be attending as they are off to Central Region Swim Champs. Good luck Sasha, Kyle, Bjorn-Ole, Freya and Myles.

I also need to catch up on a few things...
Congratulations to Jade (1st minime girls), Jordan E. (7th peewee boys) and Ben (2nd peewee boys) on their racing at the Malvern Bike race. Next up on the bike circuit is the Newmarket race this Saturday. Good luck to those attending.

Some of the younger fun2triers raced last weekend at Lakeside. A hot day for racing but our pink shirted triathletes did a great job! Congratulations to Harrison (7th in boys 8-9), Trisha (4th in girls 8-9), Julia (6th in girls 10-11), Hannah (7th in girls 10-11) and Ellen (8th in girls 10-11). Also congrats to fun2tri cousins Dana and Andrea on their races at Lakeside.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Team Success at Caledon KOS Race

What a great day at the Kinetico Caledon KOS race. Lots of great performances by fun2tri team members. Some of the highlights were a first ever KOS finish by Jessica, Ontario Games team birth by Sasha, first ever win by Connor and medal performances by Myles and Aidan. Best of all were all the smiles on kids wearing our new pink team shirts. I wasn't too sure about the colour when the team picked it, but seeing a sea of pink on the day was definitely cool. So cool, that the blog is now pink too.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hey !!!!

Hey everyone. Its Myles here on behalf of my mom. We're still getting used to this blog thing so hang with us for a while. Good luck to everyone tomorrow.